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This Mortgage Calculator will help you determine your monthly payments for your mortgage. Simply fill out the numbers to the best of your ability and then calculate your Payment.


If you are a private seller or realtor we have packages to suit your needs.


Property search:
A property search can be made in any given island in one click from the homepage. Results from a given search are then first viewed in brief with 10 results per page and icons used for the most important info like bedrooms, bathrooms etc. Results a then in ascending price order. From here you can click the ‘view details’ button to find out more information for a given property. Then you can add a property to your own ‘property shortlist’ for a comparison later, or contact the estate agent for that property directly. The agent will then contact the potential buyer with more information.

Property finder form:
Buyers can fill a form and be contacted as and when properties fitting their requirements come on the market.

Agent search:
If a buyer wishes to work with just one agent they can use this form to contact them direct.

Property finder:
This is now common place on a lot of sites but four years ago it was new. It is a very popular feature with our clients and allows for people that cannot find the property the want or that wish to be updated with the latest properties coming onto the market. By just logging their property requirement information into the form we then forward this onto agents in their area of interest and the agent then contact them directly with properties to suit the remit.

Agent property management section:
In the early days of the website we would put agents properties onto the site for them. This soon became a process of delay as agents wanted to update there info the instant it became available. We then created the ‘agent login’. Armed with a username and password the agent could access their property area 24/7 and upload, amend or delete any of their properties. With an automatic resizing photo facility any .jpg file can be uploaded with each property to show what it looks like. Later statistics where added so that agents could see which properties were viewed the most and thus judge how market interest was moving.

Property shortlist:
With so many properties on the market buyers would soon lose track of what properties they favoured. This feature allows for favourite properties to be put into each potential buyers own ‘property shortlist’ section. This would remain available each time a client returned to the site. From here properties can be compared, added or discarded. It has become a great aid in the process of whittling down a very large selection into a manageable few favourites.


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