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Costa Rica Property

Why Choose Costa Rica to Buy Property. The close proximity to North America and the favorable climate throughout the year has helped Costa Rica to become a popular tourist destination that attracts more than a million visitors annually.

Costa Rica is a small country with a land area of 19,730 square miles, (little country, big experience) although within this area there is an incredible diversity of topography and climate, which has the effect of making microclimates in the space of short distances, with many different species within these areas.

Costa Rica is part of the land bridge between North and South America due its location this has added to the diversity of flora and fauna, which has one of the worlds most renowned areas for it’s biodiversity the on the planet The Corcovado National Park on the Osa peninsular.

In the Environmental Performance Index Costa Rica was ranked by Yale University as number one in Latin America and fifth globally and is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2012.

As well as a stable currency Costa Rica has a stable government, which has had 59 years of a sustained democratic republic, with a strong constitution. Presidents cannot run a second consecutive term so after the period of office served by Noble winning President Óscar Arias Sánchez the first female President Laura Chinchilla was voted in and inaugurated this year.

Costa Rica has avoided the violence that many Latin American countries have suffered. The Costa Rican philosophy to avoid conflict this is illustrated by the fact that the military was abolished in 1949 which has left the country to invest its budget in other areas as education, culture, security and Police forces.

The Costa Ricans or Ticos as they call themselves are very friendly, peace loving people and are very proud of their country, which has the highest standard of living and education levels in Central America with literacy in Costa Rican at 97% with preschool and high education free.

Costa Rica is one of the healthier countries in Latin America because of the health care system that is provided to Costa Rican citizens and residents, that have an average life expectancy is over 75 years this exceeds the USA. With Medical tourism growing in popularity as the cost of procedures in the USA and Canada have become cost prohibitive and Costa Rica offers health care at much cheaper cost, now people are coming from other countries for dental and medical surgery and health care.

In 2009 in the Happy Planet Index of which 143 countries were sampled the Costa Ricans were ranked as number one. Perhaps the national saying “Pura Vida” translated is Pure Life, which can mean hello, thank you, but really has a more profound meaning such as “no worries enjoy life”.

Costa Rica is a fast expanding country with a lot going for it.

The beatiful countryside and low land and labour costs have contributed to the rise in interest of property for sale in Costa Rica. Short flights from the United States and higher relative income means that many North Americans are seizing the opportunity of a bargain holiday home in Costa Rica.

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