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Platanillo, a quiet and cool village to own a property

Platanillo is a welcoming quiet village with cooler temperatures than beach front property but still has some amazing views out over the sea. Get to know this little secret spot a bit better.

Located approximately 1200ft or 365m above sea level, 15 minutes drive up the scenic mountain road from Dominical on the road to Tinamastes and the regional capital town of San Isidro, which is another 35 minutes. This is where the locals normally go to do there main shopping and is a farmers market, banking and the closest hospital. A remarkable metrological fact of Costa Rica is that a 15 or 20-minute drive can have a dramatic effect on the climate and temperatures. Plantanillo is a good example of this, just 15 minutes drive from the balmy temperatures of the coast Plantanillo is a couple of degrees cooler, air conditioners are not needed at night and a blanket is comfort for sleeping.

This is a typical friendly local Costa Rican village and has a strong agricultural history in coffee and livestock and still has some small functioning farms. There are small local grocery stores, and small modest restaurants and sodas (typical small Local Costa Rican restaurants) and also local tradesmen, builders, realtors and property services. The village has recently been connected to fast Internet service.

Ocean views properties are also available at this elevation, they are more distant than right on the coastline but still dramatic with big reflective sunsets over the Ocean and spectacular landscapes of mountain and valley views with beautiful rivers and waterfalls. This area is rich in native animals, birds, flora and fauna and some varieties differ from the coast.

Foreigners have been buying and living in Platanillo and the areas surrounding for sometime now albeit slower than for example buying a property in Dominical. The property for sale in Plantanillo and surrounding areas is generally cheaper than right on the coast and still has a good variety of reasonably priced realty.

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